What you need to know to work with us

What we need to know to better serve you

How to proceed to update my plan?

1. You e-mail us us you plans at info@fireandsafetyplans.com and let us know the kind of updates you need. 

Your update information: feel free to draw on your plan to notify the changes, we will put this in order.

Give each piece of equipment a number.

Strike through the equipment to delete.

Send us your ship registry certificate, a valid ID and a billing address.

2. We will get back to you with the following information:

– Our recommendation: redraw or update

– Questions and comments

– A quote and delivery date for the plan before final edits.

3. Pay for your plan

Payments by most credit cards are accepted. See “how can I pay for your services”. You pay 50% of the invoice to start the work and the balance when the final plans are sent to you.

4. We work on your plan and send it to you for review by e-mail in PDF format (watermarked).

You approve the plan or request modifications. Only  minor changes are included at this stage. Any major modification will require an additional fee.

5. Receive your plans

Once your payment has been received, we send you the updated drawings in PDF formatted to your onboard display size (A0, A1, A2, A3, custom).

6. Decide if you want us to store your plans

Just let us know in a short e-mail, we will store your plans for five years after each update.

How many edits can I request after you send me the plan draft?

3 minor edits can be made once we send you the plan draft. Edits are changes you make to the initial instructions you gave us. They happen regularly and are included in the quote. For any additional modification, you will receive a new quote.

We recommend you make sure your instructions are correct before you send them to us to avoid additional edits, increased cost and delivery time.

How long do you need to deliver my plan?

Once we get all the information we need, count two business days for an update and a week for a complete redraw. Our team is always working as fast as possible for you, while ensuring to deliver the quality you expect. Lead times are indicative and subject to the specific work to be done.

What is the delivery format of my plan?

Your plan is delivered by e-mail in PDF format, formatted to your on board display size (A0, A1, A2, A3, custom) so you can have it printed/laminated anywhere in the world.

Should you need special printed services, please let us know when you send your instructions.

What is your privacy policy?

Confidentiality is a must for yachts owners and Captains. Our company is used to sign NDA’s when requested to make sure you are comfortable working with us. Please click here to read our privacy policy.

What are your terms of sales?

We debit 50% of the invoice to start the work and the balance when you approve the plans and we send them to you.

Please click here to read our terms of sales

How can I pay for your services?

You can pay by bank transfer or by credit card.

For credit cards, we use Stripe Payments as it is simple and secure. We will send your invoice by e-mail and you just have to follow a link that leads to your billing information and a form to input your credit card data. You will receive a receipt of your payment by e-mail as well.

How long do you keep my plans?

We keep your plans for 5 years after an amendment so you can ask us to update them for next inspection.

Storing you plans is a free service that you have to request. Otherwise, your plans will be deleted after delivery of your order.

Who can have access to the plans you stored for me?

You, and us. Fire and Safety Plans NEVER shares ANY plan with ANYBODY outside of our company.  Read our privacy policy .

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