A safety issue

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea requires that fire control plans be permanently exhibited for the guidance of the ship’s captain and officers. Fire Control plans are crucial documents in case of interventions of crews and shore-side fire-fighting personnel.

The importance of universally understood fire control plans being key to the safety of crews and guests, all our plans are delivered with symbols that are in compliance with IMO Resolutions A.1116(30) and/or A.952(23).

A must to pass inspections

Change of flag, refit, equipment relocation? Surveyors will require up-to-date and IMO compliant plans.

A simple process to get your your new or updated plan with all IMO compliant fire control equipment symbols:

Your plan is on a CAD or a readable PDF file? Just e-mail it to us along with the instructions to update it.


You have a paper copy of your plan? We will need to redraw the plan on CAD to make the necessary updates. You can send us a paper copy or scan your plan and send us the PDF file.

Depending on the size of your vessel, it takes from a few days (update on a CAD file) to a couple of weeks (if we need to redraw the plan) to obtain your final fire control plan.

You can request a fire fighting plan merged with a safety plan.




You need to update your GA after a refit? See more about our CAD drafting services 

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